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Welcome to Michelle and Daniel's home page!

We are a young couple who have been trying to get pregnant for quite a while and after two inseminations with no success we have decided to try to adopt

internationally! Adoption is very expensive ranging in the 20,000 - 35,000 dollar price range, not to mention the time off of work Dan will have to take due to having to go to another country to adopt the child which usually takes about 15 days.

Dan and I know we would make great parents as we have had plenty of practice between babysitting ages infant to 10 yrs., and my mother doing foster care since I was a young girl. We have wanted children from a young age, and we never thought about having problems getting pregnant and defiantly never thinking that the doctors would be wrong about how easy it would be for me to get pregnant. And for me adoption seemed like the next best thing yes I wouldn't be giving birth and going though the exciting period in my life of pregnancy but we would still be getting the child we always wanted and he/she would be ours and we would and will love it just as much blood or not. Plus knowing the fact that your helping a child who needs a loving home could not give you a better feeling! No child should ever be with out a loving family, as NO one deserves that!

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I have wanted to adopt a child since I was young and have always felt God has wanted me to adopt, but Daniel was not so easily convinced, as he had never given it much thought. And then the terrible stories you hear about on the news when the birth parent comes back or backs out in the end leaving you childless once again and several thousand dollars gone. But after all we've been though he finally came to realize it would be the best. Excited but not rich I asked him to create this web site for me to get donations to help us start our journey and hopefully get the child we've always dreamed of and giving a child that needs a home and a loving family a place to call home. So if you could find it in your hearts to donate to our cause we would deeply appreciate it! See our donation page to make a donation. And thank you for reading and your help!